Use Facebook for eCommerce this Christmas

Facebook introduces video chat

Utilising one of the largest social platforms to help drive sales for this Christmas requires six key steps:


Initially, a business should consider what is being shared.
Which products their consumers want, and what is currently being shared on their social networks.
Once a business has identified which of their products is receiving the most interaction and attention, the business can focus their energy on these particular products.

Shares and purchases

Gaining shares is a brilliant way of the audience informing a business what works in social media, however it doesn’t necessarily mean it will drive sales.
It’s important to know whether the items that are being shared are actually being purchased as well.


Post identification of the popular products, it would fair well to make those products as shareable as possible.
Ensure that the images used live up to the product, and will look appealing on Facebook.
Another thing to consider would be rewarding your customers whenever a product is shared, or purchase via social – making sure that these rewards are as a recognition to the customer’s loyalty.

Hone in on what’s being shared

By now, a business will know which of their products are gaining the most sales, and which are being shared socially.
From there, the next step is for the business to share those products themselves by creating visual posts, utilising your knowledge of what is being shared the most.
Statistics have claimed that products that are shared the most are three times more effective at driving revenue when shared to owned channels, in comparison to products that had no social success.


Considering that word of mouth creates quite an impact on the whether the decision to purchase is a go or not, ignoring this additional word of mouth wouldn’t be a smart move.

To encourage re-shares, a business should make it easy to share by posting promotions and offers, humanising the brand or even eliciting an emotional response from their audience.
The idea of sharing revolves around obtaining a reaction from the audience, so if a business is catering their posts to suit their audience, it should stir a responseĀ or a share.

Be smart with ads

Be smart with the money that is earned and utilise it for social ads with pinpoint targeting to essentially drive sales.
The basics should be covered: uploading an email list, build lookalike audiences and target the preferred demographics.
It’s best to prioritise those individuals that are already converting via social media with custom audiences.

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