Innovative uses of video for your business

Innovative ways to use Video

We’re sure never a day goes by that you don’t see a piece of video content in some form.

Whether on social media, television or on your phone, video content is here to stay.

And it’s not just a tool used for news platforms, social influencers and other media outlets; it can be easily utilised to promote your business.

Although you may have never embraced the power of video content yet, there’s no better time to start.

And, why I hear you ask? Well, we like to go off the facts.

Statistics have revealed that when people hear information, they’re likely to remember only 10% of that information three days later. However, if a relevant image is paired with that same information, people retained 65% of the information three days later.

But, we understand you don’t want to just follow the crowd. You want your business to stand out.

And with some innovative thinking and marketing know-how, a digital marketing agency, like our team here at Strategy Plus, can help you create content that gets attention and follows your brand voice.

Here are a few ideas I’ve come across that are fairly unique and, most importantly, work:

1. Tommy Langford

Tommy is a good friend of Strategy Plus and a very good boxer, currently British and Commonwealth champion.

Not only does his coach constantly think of innovative ways to train and get one over their competition but he’s also thought of a different way to video their training sessions.

Here’s Tommy on the pads up close and personal using a GoPro strapped around his coach’s chest.

[vc_video link=’’]


2. Whiteboard Friday

Rand Fishkin is one of the leading authorities when it comes to SEO and one of the ways he’s become so influential is because of his bite-size and easy to understand whiteboard Friday videos.

If he were to try and explain his methods and ideas purely in the written form, people might zone out pretty quickly (sorry Rand).

[vc_video link=’’]


3. Tia Ward

Tia is a very popular Beauty Vlogger and has started a series of videos where she’s in the back of her car.

This idea may have come from popular TV interview series such as James Corden for The Late Late Show, but works nonetheless.

This one video has been seen over 100K times and takes very little effort indeed. In the video she even points out the fact she doesn’t even have a microphone, anybody can do this, you just need a bit of confidence and a different way of getting your message across.

[vc_video link=’’]


4. Extra Joe

Now I know Joe is not trying to promote a business or brand here but his use of a drone in his YouTube videos certainly adds something unique. I know drones aren’t for everyone but they are well within the reach of most business budgets.

This video happened to reach over 140K people, think of the exposure your brand could get, even if you got just 1% of the reach.

[vc_video link=’’]


5. Gary Vee

Now here’s a Social Media legend; Gary grew his Dad’s online wine merchant business massively by using Social Media and, in particular, YouTube. Since then, Gary has gone on to make billions through various businesses but all have the a reliance on Social Media. He has many different ways of creating content and many different video clip formats. Here’s one that we could all do, an interview with questions coming in from your target audience.

[vc_video link=’’]


For further tips on video production, Hubspot has provided 14 great tips or how to create a script.

In summary, I suggest thinking about the format of your videos and how you can make a long term series of videos in a way that sets you apart, are quick to make and are cost-effective.

If you can tick these boxes then all you have to think about is the content.

Put this together and it will make a real difference to your online marketing ROI and business growth.

Want some help to create your own stand-out videos? Why not get in touch with our team to discover the budget-friendly options we have available.

Click here or get in touch with us on 0121 638 0457 for more information.


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