Why Video Marketing is so powerful

video marketing

Video. It captures our attention, it keeps us interested making it very difficult for us to ignore.

Did you know, video content is widely believed to achieve 1,200% more shares than text and imagery? Combined.

And you can’t click on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, well any form of social media channels being said, without having a video marketing campaign land on your screen.

The growth of social media has made the desire for video content even more of a necessity, with businesses integrating video marketing into their campaigns more and more each year.

From our perspective as digital marketers, video marketing is used predominantly to increase brand awareness, alongside educating customers and generating leads.

And there’s definitely some science behind this.

We’ve done a little research and discovered that when people listen to information, they are only likely to remember just 10% of that information three days later.

Whereas, when tested, when an image/video was used alongside the same piece of information, people retained around 65% of the information three days later.

So, of course, if you want your brand to stay front of mind, the science states that video marketing certainly has its advantages.

Still not convinced that video marketing is worth the investment? Well, we’ve shared some of the top reasons why you should start using the magic of video in your marketing campaigns.

So, how can video marketing help your business?

You can create content for any stage of the buying process

There are three stages to the buying process


You can create short emotional (funny, heart warming, exciting….) driven content that will encourage people to engage with the posts and share with friends.

2. Consideration

More long-form video content such as “how to….”, explainers, comparisons etc. will educate the prospect about why they should purchase the product or service.

3. Decision

These videos can be more tailored to those ready to purchase, they just need convincing to purchase from you and not the alternatives. These can either be personal videos from a salesperson to the customer or short promotional content giving a great reason why to buy from you (USPs) and now (sense of urgency).

It helps to increase brand awareness

Looking to reach more, and the right, people are a key element of your marketing efforts.

As of 2021, there are over 2.80 billion people who have a Facebook account, and over 500 million viewers watch 100 million hours of video content on the platform each day. Yes, you heard that right. 500 million viewers.

Not only that but your competitors are most likely on the case as well. By 2018, it was revealed by Statista that around 68% of UK businesses use social media channels for promotion, with continued growth each year.

So, if you’re already utilising the benefits of social media platforms, why aren’t you utilising video marketing?

As we stated earlier in this blog post, video content equals social shares, and that’s a simple and effective way of getting your brand out there authentically.

Facebook actually revealed in 2019 that they would be prioritising video content on the platform, trying to give original content a “boost”.

With people using these platforms daily, there are millions of chances for your content to be seen by many, use the content that gives your brand the best chance of being shown.

And what’s more, this is easily measurable, particularly when you need to show the results of your marketing campaigns.

Videos help create your brand’s personality

In order for a video to raise awareness about a business, it must also be able to build trust with the consumers. It’s no good just getting seen, you need to be memorable, believable and relatable.

Why do we believe videos are the best form of content to do this? Well if you think of sales, you would agree that you have a better chance of selling face to face than over the phone. This may be for many reasons, such as having the prospect’s total concentration. Another major advantage is to do with the increased communication tools at your disposal when creating a video. Not just your voice, but body language and the surrounding environment. In videos, you can also impress people with features such as after-effects and drone footage to impress people in ways you couldn’t even do in person.

The videos must have your brand values and positioning front and centre when being created. It is easy to “follow the herd” every time you see a cool video by someone else. If you remain consistent, your audience will believe in you, because you stay true to yourself.

This, in turn, will increase the chance of the consumer forming a relationship with your brand over competitors.

It really has the power to increase engagement

Most social platforms allow video content these days. From LinkedIn to Pinterest to video-based platforms like TikTok. All the platforms are optimising their video marketing controls to offer more features to their customers.

As we love a statistic to back up our claims, it’s believed that 39% of adults are more likely to share video content, 36% are more likely to comment and 56% are more likely to ‘like’ online videos over a basic text blog.

These are incredible figures that show just how powerful the art of video marketing is.

A major reason why videos are so engaging is that they combine authority and visual senses. This then increases basic levels of attention from consumers.

In turn, this can improve understanding as people prefer watching over reading, making content easier to digest.

In addition to this, with the use of social media adverts (e.g.Facebook/Instagram), you can tailor a video to your preferred target audience, generating a strong connection with the video as they can identify with it.

The content is informative

As we’ve already highlighted, videos have a major impact on consumers within the buying process.

According to statistics by Wyzowl animation studio, 98% of people surveyed said they watched videos published by a business to inform themselves more about their product or service.

In addition to this, 90% of the sample said that videos similar to these were helpful in the purchasing process.

And we know that people prefer to watch a video over reading text. With video, there is little to no possibility that information can be misinterpreted or misunderstood.

This is because what is being shown is clearly laid out to the consumer. People who watch an informative video retain 95% of a message, as opposed to a 10% retention rate for plain text information.

You want to inform people of your product or service, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun; video marketing can even make less ‘exciting’ industries, well, more exciting, with just the use of a video clip.

Follow the leaders

We don’t always like to follow the crowd.

But when it comes to video, why would you be the only business not investing in this media type?

According to statistics by WordStream, 87% of businesses online use video content.

And don’t forget, videos aren’t just for social media.

Other marketing techniques such as SEO can improve the reach of your video content.

And as videos improve the amount of time visitors spend on your website, it signals to search engines that your site has good and engaging content.

According to Moovly, you’re over 50 times more likely to show up first on Google if your site contains a surplus of videos, therefore, improving your search engine optimisation.

So, let’s conclude…

A common issue with businesses using video marketing is the difficulty to create videos.

Ascend2 found that around 50% of marketers believe that video is the most challenging type of content to create.

Sometimes a video can take up to a whole working day to film and could only return a 90-second clip. The cost of this from most video marketing companies would be astronomical.

We have met with many video production companies to explain the need for much more simple and more regular videos for online marketing.

Whilst investing in a glossy corporate video, which is usually used for exhibitions, website homepage etc. is important, regular short videos should not cost the same amount.

Being at a cost-friendly price, you can also ensure that video becomes a regular sight on your website and social media platforms, allowing for greater awareness on a more regular scale.

Our video marketing services allow you to achieve budget-friendly content that engages and is branded and edited to suit your business needs and brand persona.

Visit our Video Marketing page to find out how we have created packages to help SMEs create regular professional videos at a fraction of the traditional video production cost.

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