Ways of utilising Instagram for eCommerce marketing

Ways of utilising Instagram for eCommerce marketing

Instagram is beginning to make the transition between personal and business use.

Differing from Facebook and Pinterest, Instagram does not offer any business-specific features, however, this has not stopped retailers and business utilising the site and app in an attempt to draw in some of the 300 million user base, that had recently been disclosed.

Instagram does not have a limit for only large brands, it is equally beneficial for smaller eCommerce merchants.

Listed below are a few ways of using the growing photo network to promote your brand overall.

Integrate the photos

By integrating Instagram photos onto your website, not only are you leading them to engage with your brand on social networking channels but it is a means of providing extra information.

Sell through the site

Instagram doesn’t allow hyperlinks to be embedded alongside images which can be an obstacle for businesses that rely on quick links.

Considering this, there are four app providers, Soldise, Inselly, Instaorders and 10Sec which each work a way around the site to transform it into a sales channel.

Acknowledge customer use

A way of effectively engaging with your customers would be showcasing your customers using your products.
An image could be reposted and tagged as a way of acknowledgment and thanking the customer for purchasing your product.


Taking lifestyle photos is a creative way of showing off your products.
What a lifestyle photo is, is an image that would feature real-life settings.

This is something that is utilised by a majority of leading brands as a way of showing how customers can use the product.

Make contests

Setting up contests is a brilliant form of encouraging engagement.
The conditions of the contests could get users to follow the brand, repost the said image and tag an x amount of friends while using a specific hashtag, and then a winner could be chosen at random.

Behind the scenes

Bear in mind that the images posted do not always need to feature the finished product – showing your customers what goes on behind the scenes will give them a sense of letting them into the brand and viewing what the company is all about.
This is a way to build a bond with your customers.

Season celebration

It’s the chance to send a message of goodwill and will provide a break between the offers and promos and hoard of pictures lacking text.

Utilise the video

Not only does Instagram allow photos to be shown, videos can be shared also.
The should be taken advantage of as it allows more space for brand advertisement: as an example, if your brand specialises in season changes in products, one video could feature the transition from one season’s product to another.


Instagram is a brilliant database to promote new products that are featured on your site – it’ll increase the visibility of your brand and upcoming products that may appeal to users.

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