What Users Want

Content creation

To be successful in the eyes of search engines, you have to please users first. The best way to attract users to your site is to find out what they want and create content based on your findings. Some great ways to find out what your actual and potential customers want include:

1 Seeing what users are asking on Quora or Answer the Public.

Type one of the keywords you want to rank high for and see the main questions people have about the topic. Then, write a blog about it, optimise it and share it on all your social media platforms.

2 Checking your Google Analytics and see what your most popular pages are.

By doing this you will see what your users find you for and which topics are the most and least popular. Write about your most popular topics and analyse what you are not doing in the pages that don’t perform as well, optimise them and write useful content your users will appreciate. When you see your pages’ performance on Google Analytics always check your bounce rate as well as your page views. If you have a lot of visitors but a very high bounce rate it could mean many things: your metadata might be misleading, the content might need to be changed or the page doesn’t load fast enough, needless to say, changes are necessary.

3 Checking your most popular posts on social media

This will show you what articles your users love to share and therefore what topics you should write the most about to increase your visibility and web traffic.

4 Checking your blog comments and see if users are asking questions

The greatest and simplest way to create content your users would find helpful is to listen to what they are asking. If you always get the same questions during meetings, networking events or in the comments below your blog, answer them by creating a great article they would find useful.

Pleasing your users is a fundamental side of SEO, make sure you always write great and well-optimised content that your readers are going to appreciate and learn from.

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