Why aren’t there any new blogs?

Updating old blog rather creating brand new blogs

You may be wondering why a digital marketing agency that prides itself on content creation isn’t posting many new blogs?

Well, most of the answers are in the following article, all about why you should update your old blogs.  This process takes longer and longer when you have nearly 300 articles to review and update.

If there is an important topical subject that needs to be covered, we will always see if we can incorporate it within an existing blog. This is to ensure that each article becomes the most complete and up to date piece of content out there. Google and your readers will much prefer this rather than creating a small brand new blog for every specific topic that arises. Long form, well researched content will always pay dividend (not this blog I’m afraid).

If there are any subject matters you would like to know more about, please email us and we will be sure to create the appropriate content ASAP!

Why aren't there any new blogs? 1
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