Why you should write roundup posts

roundup posts

Roundup Post

A roundup post is an article where the author interviews a few influencers or important people in their industry and asks them a question. This way the reader can see expert opinions and different views on a topic that is relevant to your field. A roundup post is also a great way to improve your SEO game. Because you are interviewing different people, a roundup post gives you the opportunity to attract a completely different audience. This means more traffic coming to your site, more conversions and better rankings on Google.

How do you get your content in front of a new audience you may ask? If the influencers you have chosen are mentioned in your interview they might be more than happy to tweet the interview. As influencers tend to have many followers and very loyal readers, your content will likely be seen (and maybe even linked to) by many in the industry.

To create great roundup posts make sure you:

1 Find a topic your readers would find interesting

2 Create a question your experts will want to answer

3 Make a list of influencers you want to feature in your roundup post

4 Email or Direct Message them on twitter

5 Write and publish your finished article

6 Share it on social media and tag them

The great thing about roundup posts is they give you the opportunity to get a lot of visibility in a very short time. Make sure you start thinking about your questions and start contacting your favourite influencers today!

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