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We create brands true to its values and that engages its audience

You have a business ready for success, all you need now is to generate attention, evoke the right emotions and make your desired audience feel like they belong.

That’s where a Brand Strategy plays its part.

This is all about understanding the values of the business and the ideal value position in the market. It’s not about being the best in the market but being the best for your customers. Being customer-centric is paramount and to do this we must create a clear picture of your Buyer Personas (Customer Characatures).

Now that we know who your customers are, we can create a brand value canvas matching the pains and gains of your customers with the key features of your products and services. This ensures your product and services are in fact meeting the needs of your customers.

Once your products and services are complete, we work on the product messaging to ensure we can communicate the right message no matter what the medium e.g. web page, video, Facebook ad etc.

If implemented correctly, an effective brand strategy will cement your brand securely in the minds of your chosen audience.

It’s not just as simple as designing a logo or brand identity pack.

The Positioning Statement encapsulates everything your customer needs to know about why they should buy from you.

  1. WHAT do you deliver
  2. WHO to?
  3. HOW do you deliver it differently?
  4. WHY do you do it?

Most businesses will know the first three off the back of their hand but it’s often very difficult to put down on paper why they do what they do. Why is WHY so important to branding? This is what makes employees and customers believe in you.

What good is it if you say all the right things but for whatever reason, they just don’t believe it?

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As part of our brand development package, we offer:

Why is Branding so important?

You will have heard the phrase “People do business with people they like.” Therefore, you need to think of your brand as a person. Your brand needs to be likeable instantly when seen and continuously reassure the customer throughout their journey.

If they don’t feel comfortable with your brand, they won’t trust you with their hard-earned money.

Branding Makes Your Business Human

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Case Study – Cerebra

We were tasked with creating the brand from scratch. For a start-up recruitment agency specialising in sourcing finance leaders for early-stage technology companies.

We worked with the client to understand their WHY, HOW, WHAT and WHO. With this, we were able to create a positioning statement for clear messaging on the homepage, socials, presentation decks etc.

The logo was developed along with iconography, to be used throughout the website and online platforms such as LinkedIn.

With this in place we created a selection of social media posts, they vary slightly in style so that the client can keep their follower’s attention.

Our copywriter spent time with the client to ensure the website not only communicated the key messages but in the right tone of voice.

Last but not least we designed and developed the website to its phase 1 stage when there was enough content to go to market.

As the business develops, so will the website and all its collateral.

Case Study – Midland Structures

Midland Structures are a well-established Structural Steelworks business who have been really successful and developed its business in recent years.

Because of this development, their existing branding such as logo, messaging and website, just wasn’t up to speed.

After we had worked with owners on launching another brand for the domestic market, they asked us to work our magic on Midland Structures.

In the video below you will see the existing/old website and branding, as against the new revised version which is far more bold and more impactful.

To get to this stage we spent half a day understanding the essence of the business, the What, Who, How and Why. From this, we worked on the first concepts of the logo and company positioning statement.

The icing on the cake was the video we produced, shot at both their factory and project location in Southampton. A video of this magnitude is really the only way you can get across the size of that facility and the projects they work on

Case Study – The Clubhouse

The Clubhouse was created when the client came to us with the idea of a high-end barbers. There are countless barber shops around and we had to find a way to set this brand apart.

The client had the desire to create a barber shop with luxury services and products, targeting high net worth individuals.

We knew that products and services alone may not be enough to persuade enough people in a small market town in Yorkshire to pay twice what they were used to. We created the concept of the Clubhouse because we knew that most high net worth men valued quality time and a space to call their own. Just like the clubhouse at a golf club, this barber shop would offer the same feel and even more benefits.

As members, you would have access to a free bar, discounts with local brand partners and exclusive event invitations.

Upstairs would offer Aesthetic treatments that some Men would have felt too uncomfortable receiving in the typical feminine salon.

We believe this concept has huge potential for growth across the UK if implemented correctly.