Brand Development

We will develop a brand that is unique to your values and resonates with your customers

How do you create a brand that resonates with your target audience?

You have the product, you have the service. You know there is a huge potential for success.

But, how do you gain and hold the attention of your audience?

How do you make them feel the way you’d like?

How do you make them feel like they belong?

How do you create a brand that resonates with your target audience? How do you cement your position in an already saturated market?

And that’s where brand development comes in.

If implemented correctly, an effective brand strategy will generate the desired feeling every time a person touches it.

And it’s not just as simple as designing a logo or creating a brand vision board.

The same questions have to be asked of a business before the brand can be created; WHY does it exist, HOW does it differ from other brands out there, WHAT does it deliver and WHO are your customers?

And that’s where we can help understand the essence of your business, create a brand narrative and then communicating this through design and content.

From company positioning statements and value propositions to copywriting, branding workshops and brand identity, our team will help you to discover exactly why your customers will want to be part of your brand journey.

As part of our brand development package, we offer:

Case Study

Here is a brand created from scratch for a start up recruitment agency A business specialising in sourcing finance leadership for early-stage technology companies.

We worked with the client to understand the WHY, HOW, WHAT and the WHO. With this we were able to create a positioning statement for clear messaging on the homepage.

The logo was developed along with iconography, to be used throughout the website and online platforms such as LinkedIn.

With this in place we created a selection of social media posts, they vary slightly in style so that the client can keep their follower’s attention.

Our copywriter spent time with the client to ensure the website not only communicated the key messages, but in the right tone and style.

Last but not least we designed and developed the website to phase 1 stage, where there was enough content to go to market.

As the business develops, so will the website and all it’s collateral.