Where is my cake? - The Intern's Diary | Strategy Plus
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Where is my cake? – The Intern’s Diary

Cupcakes on a cake stand with sparklers

Hello readers, it is officially my second month at Strategy Plus, where is my celebratory cake I wonder? This week started with a meeting and a Photoshop lesson. I now know how to airbrush the wrinkles accumulated in two months of work! I’m joking about the wrinkles, only partially about the cake.

Aside from learning the ins and outs of graphics, I have continued last week‘s work on the Mother’s Day project for the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter website. The lucky winner will get an amazing hamper full of local goodies and experiences put together by yours truly! I am really excited for this project as I am following it from start to finish. In fact, I have researched the businesses, contacted them, went to get their offered goodies and worked on the content for the promotion of the giveaway!

On the technical side I’m now a pro at removing people from the blacklist, and also a pro at getting blacklisted myself (we shall ignore the second part and concentrate on the first!). If a client has a problem with website access or email passwords I’m now mostly able to help them, so I’ll be the cheerful voice on the other end of the phone telling them everything is going to be alright!

Today I planned on concentrating on SEO, it is a new month and I have officially a certain number of hours to concentrate on certain clients! (Yes it does feel very adult to be on the spreadsheet and to have a number of hours to dedicate on projects.) However I’m going to follow Dan’s conference speech instead, so I’ll be a spectator and an unofficial photographer!

In terms of juggling university and work, I have tons of assignments to keep me busy the next couple of months but lectures will end relatively soon and I’m counting the weeks for long sunny days when only work and dissertation occupy my mind!

This was my week in a few paragraphs, I’ll keep you updated for the next issue of the Intern’s Diary!