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Rumour had it that the British online fashion and cosmetic retailer ASOS planned to open an actual physical store for customers to try on and buy clothes. This seemed to be bucking the trend slightly with high street retailers falling by the way side due to the growth in online sales. Does this mean the start of another change in trends or is it a one-off?

Black. Friday. Is. In. Town. Yes, the second most wonderful time of the year is approaching once again on the last Friday of November or the day after American Thanksgiving. This is an American tradition as sacred as Superbowl Sunday and 4th July fireworks, but how has it spread over the ocean to take over the world? The answer is simple: no one can resist a sale.

You may be thinking....I haven't got time to create new blogs, so why would I spend time updating old ones? Well, you may be surprised when looking at your website's analytics to find many of your old blogs to be generating most of your traffic. I mention this because we noticed that the 2nd most popular page on our website was a blog from 3 years ago, which was discussing drop shipping tips for eCommerce businesses. If the blog is doing so well, why would you think about changing it?

Picture it. The sun is setting, 'time to say goodbye' by Andrea Bocelli is playing softly in the background as I walk dramatically off into the sunset... Except, I'm not. I'm sat in the office with Doris on my lap writing my last blog as an intern. But don't worry too much! You can't get rid of me that easily. I'm very happy to say that I have been offered a position at Strategy Plus managing our SEO clients, just call me Feds 2.0. March has been my first month taking on all of the SEO work and I feel as though I've managed well, with some guidance from Feds, of course. I'm enjoying settling into my new role and am really grateful that I've been given the oppurtunity by Dan to work for an Inbound Marketing Agency. It feels great knowing that I'm in a job where I can put my degree to good use.