Content Marketing

Content Marketing has become the most effective form of marketing since the change in buyer behaviour.

The fuel for you Digital Marketing machine

You might have the best car in the world but if it has no fuel, it goes nowhere, likewise with your website, the place where you convert traffic into leads and sales. Content, however, can be injected into every part of your sales funnel:

  1. Awareness – grabbing people’s attention
  2. Consideration – educating people about the subject matter your product or services provides a solution for
  3. Decision  – giving good reasons why people should buy from you.

The most effective form of marketing

Content Marketing has become the most effective form of marketing since the change in buyer behaviour due to the internet. No longer do people seek out consideration content by your salespeople, they will have done most of their research way before making contact with you. If you think of traditional sales and marketing as fishing with no bait (content) and just jumping into the water chasing fish. This way you annoy most of your recipients, making it incredibly inefficient.

Content comes in many forms, written, graphic, video and vary in style depending on your goal. Typically we generate content in a holistic manner, for example we create one piece of pillar content per month around a subject matter that is important to a target buyer persona of yours. This pillar content will be the most substantial piece of content for that month, whether it’s an article or an in depth video. On the page there will also be at least one call to action such as register, subscribe, download, book, buy etc. From this content we can then take snippets and create shorter videos, gifs, memes etc, leading to the pillar content. These pieces of content will be more suitable for generating awareness and drawing people away from social media and on to your website.

Content marketing has many benefits for different businesses, including:

  • Saving on costs
  • Increasing sales
  • Reaching better customers

Content marketing is the way forward for any business, it is your turn to get on board.