Graphic Design

90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual. (Canva)

Graphic Design 1

Online users are increasingly reliant on visual content

Whilst written content is still incredibly important for your marketing efforts, people require imagery to grab their attention. Great graphic design not only encourages readers to read your social media posts or blogs but also help your SEO efforts as they break big sections of text, making readers more likely to stay on the page, thus reducing the bounce rate.

When creating graphic content for your business we always consider…

  • Your brand guidelines (if available) to ensure consistency and instant recognition of your brand
  • Your target audience, to ensure they perceive your brand the way you’d like

Dell saw some great results from their gif-centred marketing efforts

6% open rate increase
42% increased click-through rate
103% increased conversion rate
109% increased revenue

Moving images such as gifs and stop-motions are also a great way to differentiate your content from the thousands of social media posts available online. Gifs are proven money makers.

Why is design so important?

Design is a critical component of Digital Marketing because it is the foundation of effective communication with your audience. In today’s digital world, where attention spans are short and competition is fierce, having well-designed marketing materials can mean the difference between success and failure.

Think about it: when you’re scrolling through your social media feed, what catches your eye? It’s the posts with eye-catching visuals, right? That’s the power of design in action. Well-designed content not only captures attention, but it also communicates a message clearly and effectively.

Good design can also build brand recognition and trust. When a brand has a consistent and visually appealing presence across all its digital platforms, it creates a sense of professionalism and reliability. Consumers are more likely to engage with a brand that has a strong visual identity because it feels more trustworthy.

In addition, effective design can increase engagement and drive conversions. By using visual cues like colour, typography, and imagery, designers can guide a user’s attention to specific elements of a webpage or social media post. This can lead to higher click-through rates and ultimately, more sales.

Finally, design is important because it can set you apart from the competition. In a crowded digital marketplace, having a unique and memorable design can be the thing that makes your brand stand out. When you invest in good design, you’re investing in the future success of your business.

Looking to implement your marketing strategy with great graphic content?