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Dan's birthday - Intern's diary

Dan’s birthday and a competition! | The Intern’s Diary


This week was Dan’s birthday, which was the main event but I also wrote several blogs, edited a website, organised a photography competition and prepared an email to send out to our BJQ subscribers.

My week

I started the week with preparing a new blog post about vegetarian and vegan food in the Jewellery Quarter. So I checked out all the menus of the restaurants here in JQ and chose the ones, that offer several vegetarian or vegan dishes. That was a bit tricky, because not all the restaurants label their food properly. After that I contacted all of them and wrote a great blog article, that you should definitely check out (after reading this one).

As you know, our website is going to launch soon (just a few more weeks to go) and as we are in need of pictures for the “Our Team” page, we took several photos and it was that moment, when Dan realised that a photography competition for the BJQ website would be a great idea. I contacted some restaurants and all went pretty quickly. We now have a great prize for the competition: a £50 voucher for The Button Factory in the Jewellery Quarter. If you want to participate and be the lucky winner, click here.

And you won’t believe it but we had another reason to celebrate this week. This Friday was Dan’s birthday! So Feds, as generous as she is, baked a cake and we surprised Dan with it in the morning. But cake was only the beginning because after that, we ordered some tasty Wagamama’s food and had lunch together as a team. This knocked us out completely. Sugar and a huge portion of food might be too much for lunch.

But all in all I would definitely say that it was a successful week. We’ll see what’s going to happen next week, when Dan goes on holiday and leaves us girls alone in the office. I’ll keep you updated.