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Beleza Rodizio

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Beleza Case Study
We were asked to create the brand from the clients brief. We researched an created the name and the entirety of the brand.
Radiating flair, flavour and finery, our authentic rodizio is more than a restaurant, it’s an experience.
Portuguese for beauty, we are Beleza by name and by nature. Every element has been meticulously crafted for you to bask in the beauty of Brazil.
1st 60 Day Organic Traffic
1st 60 Day Social Media Traffic


To create a brand and launch the restaurant.



Web Development


Social Media

Email Marketing

Digital PR


The restaurant launch was a huge success and continues to succeed. 12 months on and the business is now looking to expand. The aim of the brand was to differentiate from existing Rodizio restaurants when it was tempting to follow successful formulas.

The Digital Marketing was far more successful due to the clear brand guidelines in place. There was real consistency and focus in all online activities.