Digital Marketing Workshop

In the past two years, content consumption on Facebook has increased 57%. (HubSpot, 2016)



  • Understand and apply our methodology to all your online marketing
  • Understand how to apply what you learn back in the office
  • Have a plan and tools in place for at least one marketing campaign along with the foundations to build many others
  • Take away simple tips and tricks to improve your online performance



  • How to analyse your customers and competition
  • Creating content your customer and Google will love
  • Improving your Google rankings
  • Email campaigns
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Convert website traffic into leads & sales
  • Measure and constantly improve your performance



This 1 day workshop is structured around the following steps for an Online Marketing Campaign:

  • Research and understand your market
  • Creating a strategy
  • Generate content for your website, social media and SEO
  • Engage your target market
  • Convert leads into business
  • Grow your online brand and community

These 6 steps will provide an easy and efficient way to strategically manage your online marketing for increased and sustainable sales.



The workshop is a practical, hands-on day designed to take your team through our methodology and give you an understanding of the opportunities and the free tools available to you. The will ensure that you will all be working together using a proven methodology throughout all your marketing.
The workshop is a jargon-free day suitable for business owners or marketing managers hoping to make sense of the ever-important world wide web.



£800+vat will cover a full days training for up to 8 team members, venue (if needed) and catering.

  • Every business is unique in the way that it starts. Some have plenty of funds and experience, some could have none at all, with many in between. Yet I’m pretty sure one truth remains constant, when a business grows, it invest more in tools. These tools

  • During the current economic uncertainty; in addition to the general concern for everybody’s wellbeing, we’ve put together a few tips we have found to be true at this time, to help us all prevail!   1. Maintain Customer Engagement If you are struggling to deliver

  • Typically brands are facing growing competition so trying to get noticed and remembered for the right reasons is becoming quite a challenge.  To be able to compete against such a challenge makes your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) crucial to driving leads and helping conversions.