What Does Digital Marketing Cost?

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There are three aspects to the costs involved in Digital Marketing:

1. Time

Whether you are paying people in-house to carry out Digital Marketing tasks or your outsource to an agency like ourselves. There are pros ad cons to to both and every business is different. We believe it all down to the skills and resources you have in house first and foremost. For example, if you have someone in house with good Marketing knowledge and well practised with social media or copywriting, then it would be best for these tasks to be carried out in-house. The benefits of in-house Digital Marketing is that the people involved should have day to day understanding of the business and it’s customers. The downside is that, you would have to have at least 4 people to be able to carry out the various skilled aspects of Digital Marketing. The costs involved in this would be far far greater than outsourcing for all SME’s. We typically charge any thing between £180 to £1500pm, this is far less than having full time members of staff dedicated to Digital Marketing. Not only is it less expensive but being experts at the forefront of the industry, we will be far more effective with our time.

2. Advertising

The costs of advertising will always depend on your business goals and  budget available. Digital Marketing Advertising is pretty varied and an industry of it’s own. Facebook and Google are the main players when it comes to advertising platforms and the facilities they give you access to are incredibly powerful and complex. Advertising can be used to increase Brand Awareness, Website Traffic and Leads/Sales. To ensure you obtain a profitable return from your advertising spend, you must be constantly on top of the various technicalities of the each platform. You have to bear in mind that there is lots of competition out there and you need to perform better than them. You can potentially waste a lot of money, if you don’t know what you are doing.

We have managed advertising budgets totalling many many thousands per month and work hard to continually improve the ROI. Depending on the product or service you are marketing, the ROI can vary. For example we have managed campaigns in very competitive and restricted markets such as prescription drugs and improved ROI from X2 to X3 ad spend.

3. Software

Now to the small but essential spend, you will need software to manage all aspects of your Digital Marketing effectively. Here are just a few examples for different aspects of Digital Marketing:

  • SEO – Moz from 99$ pm
  • Email Marketing – Mailchimp prices vary based upon  size of database e.g. $75pm for 5000 email addresses
  • Social Media – Hootsuite from $25pm
  • Content – Buzzsumo from $79pm

However these costs wouldn’t be applicable to you (except Mailchimp), if you used an agency.

To summarise, outsourcing to a Digital Marketing Agency is certainly the most cost effective way to carry out ongoing Digital Marketing for SME’s. However we always suggest working with those within the business to create the most effective partnership long term.

Example Digital Marketing Package
£1000pm + vat


  • Full Digital Strategy and Project Management
  • Research your business and marketplace
  • Create Buyer Personas along with their relevant search terms, needs and interests
  • Benchmark existing KPI’s e.g. monthly website visitors, Facebook likes etc.
  • Target setting in terms of KPI’s and ROI
  • Monthly On-Site and Off-site SEO
  • Daily Social Media activities posting content to the page and relevant groups
  • Increasing Brand Awareness & Interaction
  • Specific Monthly Social Media Campaign
  • Monthly content creation, whether it be an infographic, blog or video
  • Monthly email campaign to existing clients or leads
  • Website developments to improve conversion rates
  • Monthly/Quarterly analysis and campaign strategies

Digital Marketing Team
  • What we provide

    •  Analytics Analysis & Strategy
    • Website Conversion Optimisation
    • Search Engine Optimisation (eCommerce +£300)
    •  Daily Social Media Management
    •  1 Email Marketing Campaign
    •  2 Pieces of Content (infographic or blog)
    •  1 Video (Interview, intro, testimonial, How to… etc)

  • Why choose us

    • Experience since 1997
    • In-House Team of Technical & Marketing experts
    • No long-term fixed term contract (3 Months)
    • Monthly Meeting (Skype or in person)
    •  1 Day Workshop Available
    •  Measurable Success
    •  Extensive Experience in both B2B & B2C Marketplaces


We understand that we need to provide results for your hard-earned money invested in Inbound Online Marketing. We are constantly looking to see how we can provide better value for money and better results. We will provide monthly reports for all aspects of the project and will discuss it with you in 1-2-1 meeting. In the meeting we will discuss what we have carried out, what are the results and further campaign setting. We believe that having a 1-2-1 meeting every month will not only put more pressure on us to succeed but will also bring about great new ideas for the Inbound Online Marketing campaign.

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