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Graphic Content

Online readers are becoming increasingly more visual. Whilst written content is still incredibly important for your marketing efforts, people need images to grab their attention. Great graphics not only encourage readers to read your post, generate more clicks and improve the overall look of the page but they also help your seo efforts as they break big sections of text, making readers more likely to stay on the page, thus reducing the bounce rate. Graphic content can be used on your website, on your blog page and it can massively help your social media efforts.

When creating graphic content for your business we always take under consideration:

  • Your brand guidelines, matching fonts, colours and images to your own
  • Your target audience, matching the tone to the customers that you are the most likely to reach
  • Your industry and the product/ service you offer

Moving images such as gifs and stop-motions are also a great way to differentiate your content from the thousands of social media posts available online. Gifs are proven money makers. Dell saw some great results from their gif-centred marketing efforts:


  • 6% open rate increase
  • 42% increased click-through rate
  • 103% increased conversion rate
  • 109% increased revenue


Looking to improve your marketing strategy with graphic content?

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