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The Intern’s Diary | Allyce | Entry 1 |

Christmas is four days away and counting! This Christmas is going to be the best Christmas yet because it’s the first Christmas in six years I haven’t had to work Boxing Day! I should probably introduce myself, my name is Allyce, I’m 22 years old and officially Strategy Plus’s newest intern! (Sorry Mike, you’re not the new kid on the block anymore). I graduated this October with a First, which may I add I’m still in shock about, from the University of Worcester after studying Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations.

I had been working part-time in retail for the past six years and knew this job wasn’t for me. So I told myself in June that I would hand my notice in and set about taking the first step in finding the career for me. I applied for many office-based jobs and graduate roles in marketing, but had no luck. Just as I was beginning to give up, I decided to take it upon myself to research into some online marketing agencies, as this is an area I’d always shown the most interest in this at uni. This was when I came across Strategy Plus and instantly felt as though it was a company I wanted to work for, the office dogs may have helped in my decision.

I emailed asking to be considered for an internship, but sadly I was informed that all the internship roles were filled at the time. Then, much to my surprise, I received another email a few days later from Dan explaining how space had become available and I was being considered. From then, we had a phone call, which turned into a meeting, which turned into me being offered the internship! I was so pleased and was looking forward to my first day with the company. Then the snow came and left me unable to drive and stranded at my house, great!

So my first day may have happened a little later than I would have liked, but nevertheless, I had my first day and it went better than I could have anticipated. Instantly after meeting the team, Tasha, Feds and Mike, I thought to myself, I’m going to get along well here. Everyone was so welcoming and friendly, which was a massive relief and soon after arriving at the office, I was told I had been invited to the Christmas Party (which you will have heard about from Mike’s latest diary entry). I was grateful to have been included, we had a lot of fun and it was a great way for me get to know the team, who are telling me I’ve fitted in well with the office, which I’m really happy about.

On my first day, I was told I was going to be working alongside the SEO Queen, Federica. Already she has helped me so much and I’ve been producing Blog Posts for both Strategy Plus and clients, one of which you can read here. The diversity of tasks and clients certainly makes things really interesting and every day is different. As well as being hilarious, Feds is a great teacher and has made me feel really comfortable and at ease during my first two weeks here. We’re breaking up for Christmas this week so I’m looking forward to learning even more from her in the new year.

Well on that note, I’m going to wrap this up (pardon the Christmas pun), thanks for reading and I’ll speak to you again in 2018!