The Intern’s Diary | Allyce | Entry 3 | Strategy Plus
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The Intern’s Diary | Allyce | Entry 3

Hi everyone, it’s that time again!

After what seemed like the longest January in history, February came along and is soon to be over! Which means I have a few weeks to catch you up on and it’s been a busy month for a number of reasons…

First and foremost our director, Dan, got married earlier this month, so a huge congratulations are in order for him and his wife, Kayleigh! Below you can see a photo of the happy couple from the day. As Mike said in his latest diary entry, Dan and Kayleigh headed off to Sri Lanka for their honeymoon, you can see one of the gorgeous photos from their trip above. This has meant we have had the responsibility of looking after Strategy Plus whilst he is enjoying his time away.

During the two weeks that Dan is away, Feds has taken over Dan’s role at the company, which means that I have been doing more SEO for our clients whilst Feds has been busy managing the everyday running of the office. It has made me appreciate how much work really goes into SEO and although it doesn’t produce immediate results, you know that you are contributing to the overall success of SEO within a business. Outreach has been the main task I have been set with whilst Dan has been away; this involves collaborating our clients with other relevant businesses and sharing content that will benefit their audience. This not only forms good connections between our clients and other businesses, but it can also result in higher Google rankings thanks to linkbacks.

I have also been doing a lot of work through WordPress for a client which has enhanced my skills and confidence using this application. I am continuing to learn and improve my skills whilst on my internship with Strategy Plus and what’s great is that I really am learning a variety of new skills every day.

The newly-wed will be returning to Strategy Plus next Monday and as happy as we are to see Dan back, we are even happier to be getting the dogs back in the office, as they have had a 2 week holiday from Strategy Plus too!

You’ll be hearing from me again in a few weeks time with my next intern blog, in the meantime keep a look out for Mike’s next diary entry.

Bye for now!