The Intern's Diary | Mike | Week Two | Videos Galore
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The Intern’s Diary | Mike | Week Two | Videos Galore

My Second Week

This week on The Interns Diary was quite eventful. As well as filming for the majority of the week for various clients, one of our own, Jenny, was leaving us (surprisingly, there was no cake to mark the occasion).

I started the week by filming a Christmas sign language video for one of our clients. The video was in order to raise awareness for The National Deaf Children’s Society  (NDCS), more specifically to raise money for George Ashford. George is the son of Now Education Director Marc Ashford. At age one he is diagnosed with Auditory Neuropathy, which means he cannot hear anything at all. To donate to this cause please follow this link to the Just Giving page.

The video was good fun to film, as all the staff at Now Education got involved wearing Christmas jumpers and themed hats. Check out the video below!

Later that week I was back at the Now Education office filming a promotional video for recruitment in the coming new year, which is yet to be edited by myself. This means I’ve nearly fulfilled my lifelong dream of becoming a director…sort of.

Another portion of filming I did was for the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter website. As mentioned before we do a weekly vlog called “Faces of The Jewellery Quarter”. This is where, once a week, we interview either a character, business owner or resident of the Jewellery Quarter. We ask them questions about themselves, their business and what they like about the Jewellery Quarter. This week we interviewed David from Artful Expressions. If you want to check out the video, you can below.


The Team

I believe I’m really starting to bond well with the team, especially the dogs if you count them as part of the team, I do. Tasha is amazing at putting up with my frequent questions and the odd mistake every now and then and is great at helping me when I really need it. Dan always takes part in the jokes going on in the office and it’s nice to see someone so passionate about his company. Feds is somehow always cheerful and makes the office a hilarious place to be, and Jenny is the office motivator, she hypes you up making you ready for the day. Well, she did. Jenny’s final day was Friday and we will all miss her so much.

On Jenny’s last day we went out for some farewell food and drinks around the Jewellery Quarter. At the same time, the area was preparing for the annual Christmas lights switch-on so we managed to view a portion of this event. I  was expecting some cake as it was Jenny’s last day, but alas there was none.

We’ll see whats going on next week and I’ll be sure to keep you updated

Thanks for reading,