The Intern’s Diary | Mike | Week One | Introduction
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The Intern’s Diary | Mike | Week One | Introduction

Now that Natalie has left us to return to Germany, there is an empty chair in the Strategy Plus office that needs to be filled. And after what I’ve heard about Natalie from the team, it’s going to be very, very hard to replace her. Thankfully after the thousands of hopeful interns that applied, I am now filling that seat. And Dan has mentioned that I was the best candidate he’s ever seen. Okay, maybe he didn’t say that exactly, or at all, but I’d like to think he feels that way.

About me

Hi! I’m Michael. I am a 20-year-old marketing student from Birmingham, studying at Liverpool John Moores University. Although I am a student, I’m actually on a years placement from my studies back in Birmingham at the moment. The main reason I’ve done this is to find experience in a career path I’ll be passionate about after finishing Uni.  Expecting to come out of Uni with a degree and immediately getting the job you want is wishful thinking. To say the least!

I initially started my year’s placement working at a well-known car rental business. But I soon realised the experience I was gaining here didn’t have much relevance to my degree. So I took the risk and left that role. Then applied for an internship at Strategy Plus. Strategy Plus seemed like the ideal place for me as most of the work roles involved things I did in my spare time. Such as social media management and online business promotion, which I do to promote my own photography. Oh yeah, if you didn’t know already I’m really into my photography. Along with this I quickly realised, from research, that Strategy Plus had not one, but two office dogs! After hearing this, I knew I had to get this internship.

After exchanging emails and meeting with the boss man, Daniel Ricardo (to my disappointment, not the formula one driver). I was offered the internship role. My first day in office, similar to previous interns, I was swarmed by the office dogs, Bear and Doris, so it was a pretty good start to the day. The team are alright too, I suppose.

My first week

The first five days have been really enjoyable. My main focus for the first week was getting used to all the systems and the operations of the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter website. The site was set up in 2005 by Strategy Plus to promote businesses in the area. As well as what’s going on in and around the BJQ. I had to write a blog about the local restaurants and their Christmas menus which you can check out here. That was fun to create but it did make me eager to have lots of Christmas food.

I also had to familiarise myself with the area and went around the Jewellery Quarter for a few hours. Got some photos to include in the social media accounts and website. I met another hopeful photographer who told me where the best places in the area are, to get photos.

My favourite part of last week was filming for The Faces of The Jewellery Quarter, a weekly vlog Strategy Plus puts out every Friday. This video series features individuals who work and live in the area, which help make the area what it is today.  For this weeks edition, we interviewed former Boxer Neil Perkins at his gym on Henrietta Street, surprisingly called Henrietta Street Gym. This was easily one of the coolest gyms I’ve been too, focused primarily on boxing, but with other forms of equipment and classes available.

The theme of cake is featured heavily throughout previous intern blogs so I will try my best to keep that theme going.

We’ll see whats going on next week and I’ll be sure to keep you updated

Thanks for reading


Mike the Intern