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Hello all! New week, new intern diary!

The past few weeks have been very busy. As you all know Dan is getting married this weekend! Saturday is the big day and he jets off to Sri Lanka the day after for his honeymoon. Because of this, he will be out of the office for two weeks and all his work is getting delegated out to each of us, with Feds stepping up as being in charge of the Birmingham office.

The video marketing side of Strategy Plus continues to grow with new and existing clients all wanting a video created for them. This week we’ve been filming at a number of places including Aquarius and Letting Supermarket.

Along with all these, we revisited our friends at Hazel and Haydn to do another video. This video was not an interview, but a video of owner Dale, getting his hair cut for charity. You can check out the video below.

Hazel & Haydn

Aquarius required a video showcasing their product Fogtrap. The products function is to separate fat, oil and grease from the drainage system in a restaurant. The video is not finished yet as it’s still on the cutting room floor, so stay updated with the intern diaries if you want to sneak a peak.

Letting Supermarket wanted a similar style of a video interview. Questions that new customers tend to ask would appear on the screen and then interviewee would answer as if they’re answering the customer directly. You can check out the video below.

Letting Supermarket

Away from the day-to-day working of Strategy Plus, the other week it was my birthday! I turned 21, and to celebrate we all had a team lunch. As well as this the team decided to ignore my continuous hints telling them to not get me anything and opting to getting me a present, balloons and cake! Well not actually cake, they were homemade brownies from Feds. I must say they were much better than any store-bought cake would have been. The balloons from Allyce didn’t last long as I’m still a child at heart and inhaled all the helium. The present I got from Tasha is being used every day. I finally have my own mug at work! With the amount of coffee I drink, I most definitely needed it.

I have now been here for a total of three months, and they’re the best three months, I could’ve asked for on an internship. I am still learning something new every day and developing my role to one that will (hopefully) become integral in future.

Thanks for reading!