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Mike the Intern

The Intern’s Diary | Mike’s Last Diary

“I’ll have to leave you in the trusty hands of Mike for future Intern Diary’s.” Allyce’s words echo in my head as I come to the realisation that I haven’t written an intern diary for 3 months. In all honesty, the main reason why there has been a lack of intern diaries is that the past few months have become extremely busy at Strategy Plus.

Why have you been busy I hear you say? Well, as you know from previous blogs, we at Strategy Plus do a lot for the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter. This includes the website, social media, video interviews and just a general day-to-day promotion of the area. Well over the past few months we have been creating a new way for us to promote the area. This came in the form of a discount card. This card would offer up to 15% off certain retailers within the Jewellery Quarter. We didn’t want to put every retailer on the card because then effectively you are cheapening the whole area. The interest from retailers about being on the card was overwhelmingly positive. Most of the retailers that we approached wanted to take part and be featured on the card. As well as be promoted on the website and our social media channels.

After a month of planning and preparation, including my photos being used for the design and promotion of the JQ Card, it finally launched on May 1st. Sales have been steady since the launch and we are finding more ways to take part in the day-to-day promotion of the card and the area.

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As well as the JQ Card, we still do many other things to promote the area, including our Faces of The Jewellery Quarter video series. Since my last blog, we have interviewed many people in the JQ, below are some of my favourite interviews.

You’ll all be sad to hear that this will be my last intern diary, as I will be going back to university for my final year of study. These past nine months have been fantastic, I couldn’t have asked for a better internship and I couldn’t have had better people to work with. As it’s my last diary I’m going to sum up my top 2 favourite moments at Strategy Plus.

Christmas Dinner

This was my first proper outing with the Strategy Plus team. We booked in for a Christmas dinner at 1000 Trades, a local independent pub in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter. Before we arrived for dinner, we went to a small pub crawl in the area. We started at The Lord Clifden, and had, what we thought was going to be, a small lunch. It wasn’t.  After this, we continued on to a few more places. This included Ana Rocha, The Rose Villa Tavern, The Red Lion and then by some miracle we managed to find our way to 1000 Trades. It was a feast for the eyes and stomach.

Faces of the Jewellery Quarter – Henrietta Street Gym

This was a big moment for me as it was my first Faces of the Jewellery Quarter video. We interviewed Neil Perkins from Henrietta Street Gym. As there was a boxing class going on in the background, you couldn’t hear what was being said. I took it upon myself to add subtitles by hand typing out every word said. I was unaware that YouTube and Facebook automatically does this for you.

So, that’s it. 9 months of my internship is over and I feel like I have learned a lot. Hopefully the team won’t forget me and maybe I’ll be able to come back once uni ends. Watch this space!