Online Marketing Workshop | Strategy Plus
Learn how to grow your business better via the internet with our Online Marketing Workshop based in Birmingham, West Midlands. A practical full day's course providing you with the knowledge, plans, tools and tips to create your own Online Internet Marketing Campaign.
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Online Marketing Workshop

In the past two years, content consumption on Facebook has increased 57%. (HubSpot, 2016)



  • Understand and apply our methodology to all your online marketing
  • You will understand how to apply what you learn back in the office
  • You will have a plan and tools in place for at least one marketing campaign along with the foundations to build many others
  • Take away simple tips and tricks to improve your online performance



  • How to analyse your customers and competition:
  • Creating content your customer and Google will love
  • Improving your Google ranking
  • Email campaigns
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Convert website traffic into business
    Measure and constantly improve your performance



This 1 day workshop is structured around the following steps for an Online Marketing Campaign:

  • Research and understand your market
  • Generate content for your website, social media and Google rankings
  • Engage your target market
  • Convert leads into business
  • Grow your online brand and community
    These 5 steps will provide an easy and efficient way to strategically manage your online marketing for increased and sustainable sales.



The workshop is a practical, hands-on day designed to take your team through our methodology and give you an understanding of the opportunities and the free tools available to you. The will ensure that you will all be working together using a proven methodology throughout all your marketing.
The workshop is a jargon free day suitable for business owners or marketing managers hoping to make sense of the ever important world wide web.



£600+vat will cover a full days training for up to 6 team members, venue (if needed) and catering.

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