Paid Advertising vs Organic Advertising: Which One is Better for your Business?
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Paid Advertising vs Organic Advertising

Paid Advertising vs Organic Advertising

With the rise of technology and the growth of the digital market, businesses of all kinds are gravitating to the Internet to promote their brands. There are two ways to do this: paid and organic advertising. But what are the differences between them and which one is better?

Organic Advertising
What does it even mean? Organic advertising is almost like the modern version of word of mouth. Anything that isn’t paid for can essentially be classed as organic advertising. Organic search results are usually determined by the search engine algorithms. In terms of social media, organic content will be seen depending on who you follow, what they post or engage with and also what you actively search for.

Paid Advertising
This one seems a bit clearer than organic advertising. This type of advertising is generally more recognised than its organic counterpart. Paid advertisements tend to sit alongside organic results and are bought rather than earned. In terms of social media, you will see promoted posts integrated into your regular Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feed. You will be seeing this because the advertiser deems you to be their target audience according to your age, sex and occupation (find out more about about how specific Facebook adverts can be on here).

Pros and Cons
One of the biggest benefits of organic advertising is that it is usually either inexpensive or free, whereas with paid advertising you have to invest a little to achieve a positive outcome. Typically, companies will use the free features a platform offer such as publishing tweets on Twitter in order to grow stable, permanent traffic of trustworthy customers.

The greatest benefit of paid advertising is the control you have. You are able to choose what information gets out to the public, who can see it and when. This allows a company to be much more targeted and get instant results from their branded messages, which wouldn’t necessarily be the case with organic advertising.

Another benefit of organic advertising is that you can be assured it is trustworthy. High search engine rankings go hand in hand with the credibility of results. Consumers are more likely to trust your content if it has reached high ranking without the extra help. As you can imagine, the drawback of paid advertising would be that consumers may be sceptical as they don’t always trust paid ads. This means they might often avoid them.

Unlike organic advertising which is a long-term plan, paid advertising can reap rewards fairly quickly. As soon as payment for an ad placement has gone through, paid results are placed at the top of search result rankings or feeds.

When is it good to pay?

  • Your website is live and working- there’s no point being top of Google’s searches if your website doesn’t convert, test first.
  • Sales Periods – If you have products you would like to get rid of quickly then Google ads are a great route to market.
  • New product/brand launch – If nobody knows about your product or brand then social media ads are a great way to get known and Google ads are a great way to target those searching the problems your new products or brand solve.

When is it better to generate attention organically?

The short answer is always! If you’re just starting out then you might be put off by the thoughts of waiting 6-12 months before getting any real leads from social media or organic rankings. But if you are persistent and continue with your organic strategy then this will pay off massively further down the line and will snowball.

Which is better?
Neither is better. When choosing how you wish to advertise online, it’s not a ‘one or the other’ sort of decision. Organic and paid advertising are capable of working together to create an effective marketing strategy.

Paid advertising is amazing because it allows any business, at any stage in their development, to boost their traffic or brand awareness. Your business can then run organic search marketing campaigns in the background which would help improve a more cost-effective presence over time.

So is there really one you should choose over the other? The choice is up to you and your business. However, for most businesses, both organic and paid advertising work best used in conjunction rather than alone.

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