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Our proven Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) process delivers sales, not just rankings.

We work hard to make your website the most relevant, trustworthy and user-friendly. Do this, and Google will:

  • Rank your site higher than your competition in its Search Engine Results
  • Drive traffic
  • Generate leads and sales

We are one of Birmingham’s most experienced Search Engine Optimisation agencies. When we developed our first website back in 1997, we offered SEO packages as standard.

Although Google’s algorithm has changed over time, we know the fundamentals remain the same. Make your site the best it can be in terms of:

  • Content – Answer the search query and its intent better than your competition.
  • Usability – Make your site quick and accessible on all devices.
  • Trust – Work hard to have trusted and relevant websites link to yours.

Google organic rankings generate a far greater volume of traffic than paid ads. Approximately 70% of search traffic ignores paid ads.

Your website visitors will have greater trust as they know Google deems your site the most authoritative by ranking it higher than your competitors.

Those searching in Google will be far more likely to have the intent to buy than those targeted on other platforms such as Social Media. As a result, the conversion rate and ROI will always be greater.

You can get an idea of how valuable your desired search terms rankings are by learning how much it would cost to use Google’s PPC Ads. You can do this pretty quickly using their Keyword Planner.

Did you know that Google changed the placement of its ads in 2016 by removing the ads on the right-hand side and placing more at the very top? Most SEO agencies won’t tell you this, but organic traffic has suffered from a drop in click-through rate for this reason.

This is why we believe it’s important to create inbound links from other sites that generate traffic with real buyer intent, not just ‘link juice’.


The benefits from our SEO services

Increased traffic from search engines

by increasing your organic rankings for relevant search terms

Increased traffic from referral websites

by obtaining inbound links from trusted popular and relevant websites

Increased Brand

when we publish your content in various popular websites and social platforms

Increased trust in your brand

because your website is being referred to by other trusted websites

Increased conversion rate

of your website through improved user experience and content by understanding your target audeince

More cost-effective

than Google Adwords long
term with the right SEO stratgey


What you need to know about SEO Agencies

A good SEO Agency will target highly trusted, relevant sites for inbound links, this way you don’t just get great rankings but will also generate great traffic from other websites.

You just have to read page 11 onwards from this document by Search Engine Journal to learn how not to do it.

Links should generate traffic not just “link juice”.

We put together a unique SEO Strategy and then implement everything that’s required, such as:

  • Research search terms, competition and website data
  • Perform technical, content and link profile improvements

What we deliver depends on your current rankings, in-house capabilities and level of competition.

We understand that every business is different, which is why we’ll tailor a holistic strategy where we work together and deliver results you can see every month.

We believe the best SEO agency for your business is based on three factors:

1. Transparency means informing your clients every step of the way. Before the project starts and after the research has taken place, there needs to be a clear understanding of the search terms you would like to be found for and the strategy towards achieving effective SEO.

We always believe in explaining any results and findings we make, giving clients the ability to review any software tools to understand what’s been achieved.

2. Flexibility means giving the client the freedom to work on a schedule that’s right for them.

We don’t believe in tying you into a fixed-term contract with a fixed monthly price. Things change – whether that’s your business, your competition or Google’s algorithm – so providing flexibility to vary our support as and when you need it should be a given.

The Digital Marketing Agency should be a partner, not just a service provider.

3. Experience is all about staying ahead of the changes with SEO, whether it’s the algorithm or technology changes. The topic isn’t taught at school or university, so SEO knowledge always has to come from the SEO consultant’s genuine interest and analysis.

SEO has an element of trial and error, so the more experience an SEO agency has, the less testing is needed. We know what works with a much higher degree of certainty, compared with agencies with less experience in the sector.

With experience, you will also understand that rankings and traffic do not necessarily equal greater conversions. You have to understand the target audience and create content for them, rather than the search engines. If not, you may generate traffic but not impress the audience when they land on your website.

Organic search engine traffic accounted for 73 percent of all traffic to business services websites

(Search Engine Land)

How we do SEO

Since 1997, from our little office in The Jewellery Quarter, we have helped hundreds of businesses get consistent traffic to their site via search engines.

And how do we do this? We cover all bases, whilst keeping an eye on Google’s ever-changing algorithms:

We need to understand what you are hoping to achieve from better Google rankings, is it Brand awareness, enquiries, sales or all three?

The reason is that if you aren’t interested in Brand Awareness it may be that we purely focus on bottom of the funnel search terms, terms will real buyer intent.

We also need to understand the kind of customers you are hoping to attract. This will direct us in terms of content and make sure it engages them and doesn’t just achieve the first position. Also, we need to understand where your customers might be “hanging out” online to see where we should be obtaining backlinks.

We conduct market, competitor and keyword research before starting any SEO campaign.

We analyse how your potential customers behave online, and from there, craft a bespoke plan to get your site in front of them as and when they are searching for your product or service.

We will agree on search terms to focus on based on the search volume, buyer intent and competition levels.

The primary focus of Google SERPS is to deliver the most relevant and complete sources of content for each search query.

To ensure we tick these boxes, we have to perfect the following:

  • ensuring a seamless user experience on your site, particularly how it performs on mobile and desktop devices, by improving the Google Page Insights score.
  • improving the site structure and internal link structure
  • checking Google Search Console to ensure Google is crawling your site correctly
  • optimise page titles, meta descriptions, headings and image tags
  • create “complete” content relating to each search query

Google might be convinced your site is relevant and works seamlessly, but how do they know they can trust you as a business?

Google measures this in various ways, the most recognised is through analysing the links directed to your site from other websites. Google sees each link as a testimonial effectively. Why would a websit link to bad site?

The more links you have from quality and relevant websites, the more trust Google will have in ranking your site on the first page.

These are just a few examples of the way in which we increase Google’s trust in your website:

  • make sure your site is featured on Google My Business, alongside other trusted local directories, including industry-specific sites
  • obtain links from existing connections you may have
  • carry out outreach to build relationships with relevant and trusted websites to obtain inbound links and traffic over time
  • share your content on social media and social bookmarking websites to increase the chance of your site being found and linked to

Content is central to SEO, without the most relevant and complete content, Google will not serve your web page to its users. Not only this, but other websites won’t link to you either, proving Google’s decision.

For this reason, we focus on:

  • improve the most popular current content
  • writing blog articles on a regular basis to answer the queries we know customers are asking
  • producing videos, infographics and other forms of visual content, as Google likes to see a variety of content and will keep users on your page for longer
  • publishing content via social media and bookmarking channels to increase exposure and credibility
  • ensuring traffic to your website converts into leads and sales

We share monthly reports with our clients, providing essential data on real KPIs, rankings and leads and sales generated from SEO.

We then:

  • measure organic and referral traffic to your site
  • highlight any changes to your rankings
  • monitor website conversions from organic and referral traffic
  • make suggestions for future online marketing improvements

SEO packages

Local SEO

£280 P/M + VAT

Ensuring that your business can be found in a specific geographical area by your customers. This will focus on localised search terms, local listings, Google Maps and specific content aimed at local customers.

National SEO

£800 P/M + VAT

Ensuring that your business is visible across the UK by optimising your site for the products and services you provide. This requires building significant, reputable inbound links and producing various types of content on a monthly basis.

eCommerce SEO

£1000 P/M + VAT

Ensuring that your eCommerce or database-driven website turns potential customers into sales by improving internal link structure, link equity, page loading times, user experience and detailed content throughout.

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