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Organic search traffic accounted for 73 percent of all traffic to business services site (Search Engine Land)

We have helped hundreds of Midlands’ B2B & B2C websites of all sizes get consistent traffic from those searching in Search Engines since 1997. Google’s algorithms have changed over the years, check out how we cover all bases below…



Before starting any SEO campaign, we conduct market, competitor and keyword research. This enables us to see how SEO can benefit your business, how people are searching for the products and services you provide, and what marketing tactics your competitors are using. We do this by:

  • Identifying your target audience through market research
  • Analysing your competitors’ online marketing strategies and tactics
  • Conducting keyword and search term research
SEO Services



To improve the rankings of your business’ website on search engines like Google and Bing, your site needs to be seen as relevant and user-friendly. After identifying the search terms people use to find your business, we focus on:

  • Ensuring your site is mobile-friendly and responsive across all devices
  • Accelerating page loading time and site usability
  • Improving the site structure and internal links
  • Fixing crawl errors and coding problems
  • Optimising page titles, meta descriptions, headings and image tags



As well as being useful and relevant, your business needs to be seen as trustworthy. Google measures trust in many ways, inbound links and listings being a big factor:

  • Ensuring your site is featured on Google My Business and other local listings
  • Obtaining links from your existing connections
  • Adding your business to industry-specific directories
  • Carrying out outreach on your behalf to sought-after relevant popular websites to build relationships and obtain inbound links and traffic
  • Sharing your business content on social media and social bookmarking sites



Nowadays, content is central to SEO, to ensure your web page serves the search query better than anyone else and attracts inbound links from other websites. Unfortunately, this is sometimes not given the right amount of attention from business owners. For this reason, we focus on:

  • Improve existing content
  • Writing blog articles on a regular basis
  • Producing videos, infographics and other forms of visual content
  • Publishing content via social media and bookmarking channels
  • Ensuring traffic to your website converts into leads and sales



Unlike many SEO companies we provide essential data on KPI’s that not only rankings but actual leads/sales generated from SEO. You also need to know that work we are carrying out and the strategies behind them. That’s why we produce monthly reports outlining:

  • Activities we have undertaken
  • Measuring organic and referral traffic to your site
  • Highlighting changes to rankings
  • Website conversions from both organic and referral traffic
  • Making suggestions for future online marketing improvements
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