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Special Entertainment Operator – The Intern’s Diary

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Dear readers, it is week 8 of my internship and this week I had the title of Special Entertainment Operator! At least that that’s what I think SEO stands for… Dan if you’re reading this I’m joking! It actually means Search Engine Optimisation, which in English means getting organic (or unpaid) visibility for a website on any given search engine. In simple English it essentially means trying to get on the first page of Google. I know what you’re thinking: Special Entertainment Operator does sound cooler, but oh well we’ll settle for what it actually is.

There are a lot of ways to optimise the search engine (see what I did there?), building relationships with other websites, becoming trustworthy in Google’s eyes and adding alt texts to images on a website. Last week I worked on the first two options and today I wrote some alt texts. The portal that lets you add them is not very user-friendly, I’m not going to lie, but I made it (at least I hope I did otherwise I’m in trouble)!

SEO also involves a lot of research on similar websites and on other industry blogs, articles and e-groups. As the process is all about being seen by others, I’ve learned how to build a community between businesses, groups and people in the same industry and turn it into  search engine strength.

Other than being a Special Entertainer, as I fill that role every week regardless, I have also started a Mother’s day Hamper competition for The Birmingham Jewellery Quarter website. This project was particularly fun as I researched all the local spas, hotels, restaurants and shops and asked them to participate in the initiative. I also went on a field trip down the road to go and collect one of the goodies! I know I get excited very easily, it’s almost as if I won the hamper myself.

So this was my week in a few paragraphs, I’ll keep you updated for next week’s Second Monthiversary edition.