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Domain Registrations

Purchasing domains is a pretty simple process, yet we can provide a little extra advice and help to make it much more effective and simpler.

Here are some tips on choosing domains:

1. Keep your domain name as short and simple as possible, make it easy for customers to remember.

2. If the domain contains key words it can help with search engine rankings (yet this isn’t essential).

3. Hyphenate for domains with many words e.g. as against This will help when domains are on advertising boards or the side of vehicles, a place where people need to recognise the domain quickly.

4. What suffixes are most appropriate?

.com = Commercial and is internationally recognised = UK company

.org = Organisation and is internationally recognised = UK organisation

5. Foreign Suffixes should be used if you want to promote your business in a foreign search engine e.g. France = for

We can advise, research, register and renew your domain for £25 + vat per year.
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