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I'm hitting the double digits this week, as it is officially week 10 of my internship (again, where is my cake?). It took me 10 weeks but I've officially been trusted with keys which is kind of a big deal (for nobody except me of course)! But it is the little things that count in life and I'm very proud of my keys, it was very satisfying to open the door this morning! 

Google star ratings are a visual incentive to click! When you see star ratings underneath a webpage as opposed to another you’re more likely to trust that website more. This is because people trust other people and are more likely to want a product or service that has been tested before and has positive reviews over another that has no proof of usage. So the question remains: how do we get those stars?

Decorative circus magic fairy wand and clown trick design vintage icons set doodle color sketch vector illustration Dear readers, it is week 8 of my internship and this week I had the title of Special Entertainment Operator! At least that that's what I think SEO stands for... Dan if you're reading this I'm joking! It actually means Search Engine Optimisation, which in English means getting organic (or unpaid) visibility for a website on any given search engine. In simple English it essentially means trying to get on the first page of Google. I know what you're thinking: Special Entertainment Operator does sound cooler, but oh well we'll settle for what it actually is.