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Now that Feds is an official full time member of the team, Strategy Plus could use another intern. And here I am! From now on I will keep you updated about my daily challenges and achievements.

About me

I'm Anna and I study Business Administration in Germany. You might ask yourself how I ended up in Birmingham working at Strategy Plus. Well, a year ago I realised that I want to study abroad and so I applied for ERASMUS and was offered a spot in Coventry University. I packed my suitcase (and a huge parcel) and left. Since Coventry is a student city, I had a lot of fun and had the best time ever. Aside to the fun I got my head down and studied hard!

This is the final countdown (background music playing) as It is my third month at Strategy Plus!! My internship is officially over and I'm about to leave the premises and hand over the keys... JOKING! Starting from the 3rd of April I will be an official member of staff (clap for me), I am super excited about being part of the team for the long run and couldn't be happier.

Decorative circus magic fairy wand and clown trick design vintage icons set doodle color sketch vector illustration Dear readers, it is week 8 of my internship and this week I had the title of Special Entertainment Operator! At least that that's what I think SEO stands for... Dan if you're reading this I'm joking! It actually means Search Engine Optimisation, which in English means getting organic (or unpaid) visibility for a website on any given search engine. In simple English it essentially means trying to get on the first page of Google. I know what you're thinking: Special Entertainment Operator does sound cooler, but oh well we'll settle for what it actually is.

This is week 7 in the office and I spent some of it working on a client specialising in the Art Deco era (Great Gatsby would be proud!). This means I have researched many Art Deco- inspired blogs and businesses and got to admire their beautiful retro pieces through a modern lens. It was definitely interesting to research competitors, getting inspiration and ideas for Art Deco content to go on the blog #creative!