The Intern’s Diary | Allyce | Entry 2

Hello and a happy new year from me!

2018 is here and unbelievably, January is nearly over already! What that does mean, is that I’ve already been at Strategy Plus for almost 7 weeks and I don’t know where the time has gone. I feel like I’ve already learnt so much and have really settled into the company. I have had a lot of help and guidance from Feds, which has made my learning a lot easier. Although it has only been just under two months, I’ve been involved in many different aspects of the business. Because Strategy Plus have an holistic approach, I will often deal with Social Media, Content and Emails for most tasks. 

Initially, I was given selective blogs to write (I have quickly become the blog queen, even if that is a self-appointed title, I’m taking it) which has taught me how important they are for most aspects of Online marketing. Mike explained briefly in his previous diary entry, how they can be used for SEO in particular. Understanding how to incorporate specific keywords, terms and queries will  help the article to be found by the relevant audience in Google. I’ve learnt however that using certain keywords is not the be all and end all of blog writing. Before we start, we spend time understanding where and how this content may attract attention, links and traffic.

Along with blog posts, I have been writing and sending client emails and also approaching companies in the hope of creating potential collaborations between our clients and other similar businesses. I am currently looking to expand Strategy Plus’ client portfolio and have been contacting small, local businesses to try and do so. This is simply because Strategy Plus care about developing businesses, but what is so refreshing, and something I especially admire about Strategy Plus, is how much the company values its relationship with the client; for me, this is what makes Strategy Plus stand out.

In other news, it was Mike’s 21st Birthday, so we had a great time celebrating this in the office last Friday. He specifically asked for no fuss, no card, no present and no balloons. So of course, he received a card, a present, balloons and Federica’s homemade brownies (they didn’t last long amongst the team). As you can see from the photo below, he was pleasantly surprised, even if it was exactly the opposite of what he asked for! But, that is how it works here at Strategy Plus, we are more than just colleagues and that is why I am enjoying my internship so much.

So, now that you have heard about some of the things I have been doing in my first 7 weeks at Strategy Plus and all about Mike’s unexpected Birthday celebration, all that is left to say is thanks a lot for reading and to those of you who have nearly completed Dry January, congratulations and here’s to February!