The Intern Diary | Michael | Entry 4 | Strategy Plus
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Hello everyone! It’s my first intern diary entry of 2018!

We’ve all had a very Merry Christmas and a great time off work. Most of us didn’t go far at all for the holidays, but Feds went all the way back to Italy. Even though we had a great time off, we are all very happy to be back now. Although I do think Feds might prefer Italy over England. I’m not sure why. They may have better food than us, better weather than us, and better fashion sense than us… Oh wait. I get why she prefers it now. All joking aside it’s great to be back with the team and I couldn’t ask for a better group of people to work with. Also, Bear and Dorris are here most days of the week, so that’s a juicy bonus.

The first few weeks back as an intern have been pretty busy. I’ve had to do copious amounts of blogs for a vast number of websites. They have been about a wide variety of things, from sticking with new years resolutions to hospitality trends, and the best sporting trophies in history. The reason we do so many blogs for clients is to:

1- Inform search engines the site is constantly being updated and active, so it becomes more relevant to users

2- Create content users want to see and hopefully learn from

This, in turn, improves the rankings of the website as traffic is constantly increasing.

In addition to all the blogs I’ve been doing, there has also been lots of filming to do. Firstly we were at 40 st pauls filming for Faces of the Jewellery Quarter. He was telling us about his award-winning gin bar based in the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter. You can check out the interview below.

We also filmed a second video for Faces of the Jewellery Quarter. This time we met with Dale from Hazel & Haydn. He was talking to us about his hair salon in the Jewellery Quarter that he named after his grandparents.

So far I’ve been here two months. They have flown by so quickly, I honestly don’t know where the time has gone. the fact that I’ve been here for two months means I only have 6 months left before I go back to university and I can honestly say I don’t want to leave. Even though I have a while left I’m thinking about how much I’m going to miss it here, mostly because of all the fantastic people I work with.

Thanks for reading!