Responsive Websites

Mobile web usage overtakes desktop for first time Nov 2016 (Telegraph)


The entire purpose of our websites are to increase the conversion rate and to decrease the bounce rate. Therefore when you look around at the fast growing number of different devices that your customers are using to engage with today, we have to ensure your website usability is optimised for all mobile devices.

Giving your customers the very best experience across mobile, tablet and desktop is now a given in this digital world going forwards. The term responsively designed is now so embedded in our design approach at Strategy-plus that all sites are built in this way. Responsive design.


Undoubtedly this change in the way people are engaging online and viewing websites means that Strategy-Plus are continually growing our expertise in how to help our customers offer the best online experience for their brands and experience.

In the recent past many businesses opted for a separate mobile version of their website and you will still see them. They start with “m.somethingorother” instead of “www”

These are toned down versions of the larger desktop sites and have reduced functionality and content, together with the additional development and supports cost of two sites. Less of an enjoyable experience user and there are two many different screen sizes to cater for.

These m – only sites are relatively simple to build and cost less in design and development. Responsive websites are more complicated to build; having a higher upfront cost. One important consideration is the “lifetime” cost.

Over time, it can be much more cost-effective to build a responsive website and optimise it for all standard resolutions. This also means that future updates related to content are to be done at one place instead of multiple versions of the website(s) that cater to each screen width.

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