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"What separates design from art is that design is meant to be… functional.” (Cameron Moll)

Web Design can be a puzzling subject for many due to technical jargon being thrown into the mix. But here at Strategy Plus, we hope to make things as simple for you as possible. With experience since 1997 we know what is possible and what you need.


Our approach to web design has always been driven by our Marketing background, understanding the users needs and your goals. We don’t believe in designing creative websites for the sake of being creative and pretentious.


We understand your business is unique. Why? Because it is. Every single business in the world, no matter how similar, will always have a belief or a system that sets it apart from the rest. You should be proud of the unique aspects of your business and we want your website to reflect them.

Web design Birmingham
Web design Birmingham

In order for your target market to do business with you over your competition, we need to make the web experience as smooth as possible. We need to deliver the answers to their questions and capture their aspirations as quickly as possible. Once we know your USPs (Unique Selling Points) we can then begin to communicate these as quickly as possible through imagery and obvious text. Creating the right user experience along with clear CTA’s (Call To Action) will bring about the required results.


Your web design may have a couple of CTA’s per page, one for those ready tp purchase and those just researching. We can advise on ways to entice people to share their data with you, such as offering a free guide or discount code. Careful consideration needs to be taken to ensure the right CTA is on the right page and in the right position.

Last but not least, when it comes to web design we also take into account the buying process for all customers, ensuring there is content for the last two stages as you don’t know at which stage they may be:


Consideration – Information on why to choose a certain product or service
Decision – Information as to why they should choose you to provide it


Ultimately our aim is to reduce your website’s bounce rate and increase conversion rate.  Please contact us for further information and your free consultation.

Web design Birmingham

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