Our Value Promise

We are an Agency focused on delivering real value and believe transparency is the key to trust

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Value Proposition

Pay Less – Get More

We deliver financially sustainable growth through truly holistic Digital Strategies.

Market Value Position

Hourly Rates

NB. This graph is a guide and should not be taken as fact.

Value Chain

Without a well thought through Value Chain, our Value Position aspirations will not be achieved. Here are just a few steps we have taken to ensure we fulfil our promise.

  • 50% of our hourly rate goes towards staff salary (Typically just 33%)
  • One Director, reducing the number of overpriced salary packages
  • No office rental due to owning our small office outright
  • Our two most experienced developers (who have been with us for 15 & 20 years) are based in Bucharest, allowing us to have incredible level of experience for 30% less than UK market value.
  • All our team are hands-on with client projects, providing real value, ensuring nothing is wasted on business development, admin and account managers.
  • We use 2 freelancers on fixed part-time contracts for a few specific disciplines where we don’t require a full-time member of staff (Graphic Design & Commercial Interior Design). This way we can deliver the very best expertise without having to increase the hourly rate.

We will continue to remain true to our value promise when making all business decisions, this is who we are and this is how we will succeed. We have always believed that a successful brand promise is not about being better than the competition, but being customer centric and sticking to what we believe is right for them.