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“What on earth is he doing.” some of you might be saying. “A daily blog on your company website?”

Yes, you might think it’s unrealistic, uninteresting or maybe even unprofessional to try and post a daily blog on the company website. I, however, think 140 characters on Twitter is just not enough sometimes. Like most of you, whether you are a butcher, baker or, in my case, an online marketing director, I have daily insights that may be worth sharing.

The lack of a middle ground between tweets and well researched detailed pieces of content was recently highlighted to me by Gary Vaynerchuk’s article about building a personal brand.

He believes that you should be documenting rather than just creating and therefore publishing content far more frequently, whether it’s a short video, tweet or blog. This way you not only get yourself out there much more often, but have the chance to get across your personality and build trust with those you want to engage with.

I think he’s definitely on to something, I’ve read plenty of great pieces of content but never feel as though I know the company or author any better. Surely people do business with people, therefore my aim will be to share any insights I may have and build trust with those of you that read it.

Blog #1, done… just a few thousand more to go!

………Moving forward 18 months, I have returned to this blog to give a retrospective view. I still agree with the blog entirely, however it gets to a point where there is so much content that some of it becomes old and obsolete. We have found it more beneficial to revisit articles over time, to ensure they getting better in terms of research, experience and up to date figures. This results in articles that stay relevant for longer and not dilute our website with out of date content.

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