The demographics of social media

Everyone is aware of the Social Media boom, but has this hit all demographics? These are some figures that stood out at the end of 2014;

  • 72% of all internet users are now active on social media
  • A staggering 89% of 18-29 year olds use social media platforms
  • 72% of 30-49 year olds also frequent social media sites
  • 60% of 50 to 60 year olds are using social media frequently
  • A considerable 43% of 65+ internet users are on social media
What can social media do for you?

What can social media do for you?

What were the top business reasons to use Social Media in 2014?

1. Deliver better customer service and build customer relationships
2. Adds Brand Value
3. Manage Reputation
4. Increase trust in your business or brand
5. Obtain real customer insights
6. Promoting your content
7. Drive website traffic

How long do people use social media for?

For Facebook, the top three countries on the social media platform every hour are:

  • USA – America spend 16 minutes out of every hour on Facebook
  • Australia – Aussies come second with 14 minutes out of every hour
  • UK – Brits come a very close third with 13 minutes every hour

It’s also good to note that a massive 71% of social media users access their profiles through a mobile device so ensure your website is mobile friendly for when they click through.

A look at Facebook in the social media world

Facebook has continued its tradition of being a social media giant and here are some statistics to back this up:

  • Facebook has over 1.15 billion users
  • One million web pages are accessed through the use of the “Login with Facebook” feature
  • 23% of Facebook users login 5 or more times a day
  • 47% of American users think Facebook is their #1 influencer on purchases
  • 70% of marketers use Facebook in order to gain new customers

Google+ is growing…

Google+ was a slow starter at first, but the use of clever techniques from Google themselves have skyrocketed the platform to one of considerable heights. Here’s the latest about Google+:

  • There are over 1 billion online users who have a Google+ enabled account
  • Google+ is growing at 33% per annum, which could see it beat Facebook and Twitter in the future
  • It boasts 359 million monthly active users
  • The 45 to 54 year old bracket saw an increase in usage on Google+ by 56% since 2012

How is Twitter performing?

Twitter, although similar to Facebook, has its differences. There’s a lot happening in the world of Twitter and here are some of the facts to indicate just what’s going on:

  • Over 550 million users are now registered on Twitter
  • 34% of marketers use Twitter in order to generate leads
  • In 2012-2013, Twitter was the fastest growing social media network with 44% growth
  • There are 215+ million active monthly users on Twitter

So, with all this in mind, just what can social media do for you?

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