Facebook introduces video chat

Facebook introduces video chat

On Monday, Facebook announced the new Android and iOS update for its popular app, Messenger that allows video chat to other users.

The app now features a video camera icon on the top right-hand of the screen in a chat.
Provided both you and your contact have a stable 3G, 4G or WiFi connection, there should be no barriers for a video conversation.

Facebook Messenger’s Head of Product, Stan Chudnovsky, explained adding video chat to Messenger’s features was a no-brainer. He continued on to say, “More and more of everything starts from a text conversation. We think the same thing will happen with video.”

Throughout the past months the Messenger team has optimised and tweaked the app in order for it to do more than text-based messaging, now ranging from peer-to-peer payments and customer service to making it an open platform for any third-party develops such as Bitmoji and Effectify to build on top of.
The addition is a means of drawing in younger millennial users and teenagers while simultaneously persuading others.

Facebook is introducing a “fast, reliable and high-quality” Messenger experience for its users, not matter the distance between a user and their contact.
Facebook had previously placed Messenger as a more suitable solution in countries with quick devices and fast Internet speeds while WhatsApp, which was obtained last year, was suitable for users in emerging markets.

Nevertheless, introducing video chat into messenger is smart on Facebook’s part. Meerkat and Periscope are no older that three months, yet they acquired early popularity thus leading to the prediction of live video going mainstream with thanks to faster mobile speeds.

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