Online marketing tactics

Online marketing is a stellar job and ensuring that your content is up to standard when you have a load of other jobs to do, can be trying.

Although, there are definitely tactics that can be implemented that do not take too long:

Getting a captivating headline

A headline is the starting point for content, it must be engaging and make your consumers want to read on.
A recent study found that eight out of ten people will read your headline, however two out of ten will continue to read the rest of the article.

An ideal tool that could help with creating a captivating headline is Portent’s Content Idea Generator.
The idea is to type in a subject and the tool will generate a headline, these can also be refreshed if they are not to your suiting.

Get creative on Facebook

Facebook is a brilliant way of brand advertisement and giving your brand a personality, but some businesses rely on sharing other content rather than creating their own.

It has been established that original posts will gain more viral reach, organic reach and engagement in contrast to posts that are shared.
However, sharing content is also a great way of gaining reach of a more diverse audience, but the posts that you feel you should share could be utilised for your brand’s purposes, extracting information from the post and creating your own will be a surefire way of gaining more reach.

Recycle blog posts

With things becoming quite hectic in the online marketing world, there might not be enough time to write a new blog post.
You can share an old post from Facebook, Twitter or Google+ as quite a few people will have forgotten about it, or if they do remember, could be happy to see it resurface.

Recycling old posts isn’t considered as lazy, it is actually quite beneficial:

– Older posts can continue accumulating likes and comments, thus increasing the social credibility of the post
– Sharing a previous post could extend its reach in the blogosphere, and could essentially result in new likes and more traffic to the website
– New consumers to your social media pages are likely to get involved in a conversation that has taken place on a previous post, as it has already generated buzz

These tactics shouldn’t take longer than a few minutes are all beneficial for your online marketing strategy!
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