An Introduction to Polyvore

Polyvore was launched in February of 2007, so it’s nearly 7 years since their first appearance on the internet. The website is a community infused social commerce site, where members together collate products into an index, using them to create image collages called “Sets”. These Sets are interactive, linking through to websites where you can buy the products, therefore implementing an e-commerce element compared to a simple design sharing platform.

Schumacher s Living Room PolyvoreSo far Polyvore’s global community has created over 44 million different sets that are being shared across the web. The Polyvore community has a vast range of different subjects, including fashion, artistic expression and interior design. A great example of this is the above image, where a user has created a “Schumacher’s Living Room” theme. It shows the diversity behind the audience’s passions, implementing different genres and creating living spaces with them.


Polyvore attracts over 17 million unique monthly visitors, 72% of those being female users. The average household income for its members is a staggering $73,000, suggesting the website is for those who look to spend money on interior design and fashion.

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The website even incorporates a store into its website, allowing the purchase of products directly.

Check out the website and get creating your “sets” at