Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing 3


Social media marketing is word-of-mouth powered by technology. With a statistic confirming that 75% of online users were likely to share content they like online with friends, co-workers and/or family, and 49% already doing this weekly, it’s evident that social media has changed the way we share information.

To manage your social media marketing efforts successfully, it’s important to set goals.
From then on, you’ll be able to understand what you would like to achieve from your efforts. Some of the main aspects of utilising social media so that it has quite a large impact on your business is by;

Spreading the word – social media platforms are a place for advertisement, so advertise your brand as much as you can, telling your target market who you are and what you can do for them
Driving sales – this is the opportunity to present your customers with offers that they feel the need to share with their friends
Providing great customer service – another benefit of social media is the ability to be able to respond to your customers and interact with them
Keeping your customers coming back – by building much deeper relationships with your customers and clients you will gain their trust, meaning they are more likely to return to your service or product

A social platform like Twitter allows you to search specific keywords and terms, essentially giving you access to people who are looking for the products your business sells, and you can direct them to your site.

Social media focuses on the idea of building a relationship with consumers to increase sales, also to add an online presence to your brand.
Consumers are more likely to identify with a brand/business that is socially active on social networking sites.

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