Is your social media strategy integrated in your marketing plan?

Social Media Strategy

As you know a Tweet used to be made up of just 140 characters. It used to be a case of telling a short story, expressing your opinion to the online masses or even informing others of news. Yet a tweet can harness a response. That can be a returning opinion or may even convert a reader to website visitor. This is a social media dream, something that’s doing the very thing it’s set out to do. Businesses need to realise the true power of social media. Especially, how having a social media strategy will allow you the reap the extensive rewards of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Though many businesses have swarmed to social media in their masses throughout the past 2 years, many don’t realise that their content is part of an extensive marketing campaign that can make or break a business. Social media is an important tool to harness in today’s world of media and it isn’t always used to its maximum ability. Many businesses have found each other through social media, introducing new work opportunities to one another, increasing revenue on both ends of the scale.

Whether people find you through a tweet or a post from Facebook or LinkedIn, social media is fantastic at converting these people into website visitors. Making social media a place for the business to begin the sale process.

Websites are more than just adverts

Some businesses are wrong in thinking their website is just an “online brochure”. A website must be interactive. It must give the user an enjoyable experience or they’re not going to revisit the site, right? Sure, given you provide extensive products, there’s nothing wrong in having an online catalogue, but it isn’t just static pictures and text. Be imaginative, give the audience an experience they’ll love! Using things like videos, blog entries and images to give them more than just text will provide something to share for the customers. Thus, extending your audience reach further.

The content that is hosted on your website and content which is shared on social media should consist of information that’s tailored to your target audience. Allowing you to ensure you attract the correct customers to your site. Social media posts and the website it sits on should be dynamic as stated previously, offering the greatest experience possible.

Interact with clients old and new

Try to take time out of your day, even if it’s 10-15 minutes interacting with customers. Sure, there may not be an opportunity every single day to get your interactions. But looking for a new lead will doing your conversion rate wonders. For example, a client would much rather go with a company that’s proactive on their social media. Answering questions for others and being generally knowledgeable about subjects compared to those that don’t bother tweeting back when mentioned. Doing so will keep you in mind for future work and maybe even referrals through friends.

Companies should monitor the effectiveness of their social-media efforts closely, ensuring that progress is tracked on a weekly/monthly basis. You can easily monitor your companies’ success through analytics provided by the platforms. These track which sources have fed traffic to your website, either through growth in networks/followers.

Increasingly, more-advanced ways of tracking and analysis can help businesses truly discover the importance of phrasing your wording. Or even something as minute as changing the colour of “click here” buttons can encourage/discourage site visitors to take action; such as signing up for newsletters and white papers.
Is your social media strategy integrated in your marketing plan? 1
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