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Content marketing generates over three times as many leads as outbound marketing and costs 62% less.

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The power of the written word

Written content is one of the most utilised areas of content marketing. Written content can vary and can be used in forms of blogs, web pages, landing pages, case studies, original research and copy editing . Written content is a great way for your customers to understand what they are getting from you and showing your audience you are an expert in your field.

Written Content is also a great way to

Improve your visibility on search engines (SEO)

The more relevant content you write, the more likely you are to improve your organic visibility and rankings on search engines. This is because you will improve your credibility in the eyes of Google, and search engines will prioritise your content over other websites’.

Increase traffic through to the website

Most Google searches start with a question. Content marketing should always answer people’s questions. By creating useful content people are looking for, you will be able to increase traffic through to your website, consequently improving rankings and finding new potential customers.


Relevant and Informational content improves your credibility online and offline. By showing you understand your field inside out you show your customers, as well as Google, that your website can be trusted as an authoritative source.

Buying process

Through content you can approach your customers at different stages of the buying process, as different blogs will appeal to different people. An informational post will appeal to someone who is not yet planning to use your products or services while a case study will convince a reader that is already thinking of buying from you.