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Growth Packages
Edukit [Case Study] 1
Edukit launched in November 2020 as a new eCommerce brand, with a range of products only ever sold on Amazon previously. The brand targeting families with the need of crafts and indoor activities.
overall CR increase
traffic increase
revenue increase
revenue increase


Create the website on the Shopify platform, build the brand and generate sales.


Website Build
The choice to build the website on Shopify was made because the business had already managed a website on that platform and were comfortable using it. The aim was to design the website with a child like theme to it. Not only should the website be easy to use and purchase, but there should also be areas to inspire customers on how to use their products and entertain their children.

Increased the overall CR by 50% in 6 months when the website traffic increased by 958%

Videos were created to help CRO. Blogs were created to help with SEO and Email Marketing.

Increased traffic by 247% and revenue by 180% within 5 months

Increased revenue by 785% within 7 months whilst only increasing PPC spend by 28%.


  • Increased revenue by 595% within 7 months
  • Increased average sale value by 360%

NB: the dates for these stats were taken from the last 7 months, from when the website when live. Only percentages are shown due to client confidentiality.