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Digital Marketing

72% marketers believe that traditional marketing is no longer sufficient. (Digital Vidya)

Why is Digital Marketing important?
We don’t need to tell you that all your customers are hanging out, researching and buying online. You see your competitors above you in the search engines and every time you are on your mobile.
What we do
We have a proven record of achieving the online goals of SME’s across Birmingham, the West Midlands and beyond. These goals are achieved throughout the buying process.
We follow our holistic Inbound Marketing Methodology that is tailored to the changing world of customer behaviour. This process doesn’t rely on huge up front costs like traditional forms of marketing and it organically improves awareness, traffic and sales through creativity and its growth increases exponentially over time.
Not only do we perform all of the above work within our experienced in-house team, we also use the most effective software. These tools range from Google analytics, Moz to Webleads giving you real information to allow you to convert as many people landing on your website as possible.
We are always looking to be ahead of the trend as we know this is a fast moving industry. We evolved from being a website and SEO agency to a holistic online marketing agency in 2012. In the last 12 months we have added Video marketing to our services as we have seen a gap in the Video production market.
If you are at the point where you aren’t sure what elements of your Online Marketing you need help with, we can carry out a Free video Review without any input from yourself, other than a web address and email.
Lastly we can offer workshops for those businesses with personnel in-house that maybe be able to carry out a lot of the work, if they had the know how. We are happy to help you help yourself.
We believe that a holistic approach with honesty and transparency will help you succeed long term.
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