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SEO can sometimes be confusing; full of hearsay, buzzwords, and misinformation.


But really it’s quite simple. Search Engine Optimisation is all about making your website as relevant, useful and user friendly for your customers as possible. If you can do this,  Google will rank your site higher than your competition.


Why is ranking high in Google organically so important? It’s the best way to get in front of your ideal customer when they are proactively searching for your product or service and they have an intent to buy. You can see how valuable this is by learning how much it costs to appear at the top of the rankings using Google Adwords. Your budget can be spent very quickly indeed when using Adwords spending £’s for every click and often with little return.


Strategy Plus is one of Birmingham’s most experienced SEO agencies, having established an office in the city in 2003. However, our fascination Google’s algorithm first started when we created our first website in 1997!

Our SEO service should really be called  WTS (Website Traffic Service)


Most SEO agencies won’t tell you this, but since Google changed the placing of its adverts in 2016, organic traffic has suffered. Google has removed the ads from the right-hand side (because they weren’t being used) and added more ads at the very top of the page. To give an example, Wayfair noted a 25% drop in organic traffic.

Although organic rankings still get the vast majority of traffic, it shows us that we need to have a more holistic strategy when getting more relevant traffic through to your site.


What does this mean for SEO?

Well to be quite honest, it reduces the importance of SEO if all you do is concentrate on Google rankings alone. However, if you practice SEO correctly, you would be targeting other relevant websites with high trust value and traffic to gain inbound links. If your SEO agency does this well, you will not only get good Google rankings because of the inbound “link juice”, but great traffic from referral sources (as defined in Google analytics).


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