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Strategy Plus are a social media agency in Birmingham in the West Midlands, providing local, national and e-commerce social media management throughout the UK.
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Social Media Pricing

..there are only 24 hours in a day, and the average person sleeps for 8.8 of them. That means more than one-sixteenth of the average user’s waking time is spent on Facebook. - New York Times


We provide a range of social media services to B2B & B2C clients – whether you’re a local or national brand.


Our services and related prices depend on the business as we will tailor the package depending on who your buyer personas are and the product or service you are promoting.

To give an idea of our prices here is an example package for a B2B company:

£350 P/M + VAT


  • Up to 3 platforms managed e.g. LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook
  • 2 posts daily tailored to your target audience, their buying process and platform
  • Weekly activity to increase your desired audience on all 3 platforms
  • Monthly specific campaign
  • Weekly communication to ensure the posts are relevant and up to date


We understand that a set package may not be suitable for some businesses. You may have a much greater demand via your social media or a team of people to work alongside. For example, many national businesses with different branches may have several content creators employed in-house or various campaigns to run alongside one another. These demands can be met with our team working hand-in-hand with your business, using the available tools to ensure that everything is coordinated and enhanced.

If this applies to your business, contact us and we would be happy to discuss your needs and create a tailored proposal for you.

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