Web Design and Development

Once your page loads, users form an opinion in .05 seconds. (Kinesis Inc.)
How is our web design different?
We started creating websites in 1997, just 6 years after the very first website developed by Tim Berners Lee went live. Strategy Plus was created by a Marketing Consultant and rightly imagined that the internet would be used by billions all around the world. From the very outset we worked to understand how websites could be best used as the hub of all Marketing, both online and off. This is what makes us different, we don’t think about pretty designs, we think about user behaviour and ultimately conversions.


Open source websites
Since 1997 we have changed the way we develop most websites, due to the improvements in open source platforms such as WordPress, we moved from our customer built CMS to WordPress  and Magento. We were the first out of the block to develop all our websites #mobile friendly, to ensure the best possible user experience.
Due to the vast array of websites and the continual challenge of getting one over your competitors it is tempting to try anything and everything. We believe in sticking to quick and simple over pretentious stylised sites that date far too quickly and perform poorly in terms of SEO.
The complexity of our websites range from a simple solicitors website to recruitment sites or full blown eCommerce stores.


Website support
Once a website is live, we have the in-house skills to Support and help develop nearly any website in the world. This could be creating landing pages or making old websites mobile responsive.
If you aren’t sure how you could improve your existing site, we can perform a free video review to give you some pointers.

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