Ecommerce Websites

The U.K. eCommerce market is the third largest in the world, totalling £71 billion in 2015 and expected to reach £95 billion by 2018. (PFS)

We have been developing successful eCommerce sites since the early adopter days in the 90’s and have gained a wealth of experience in this area.

Whilst the global eCommerce market is an incredibly profitable one, with experts expecting it to grow to £3.2 trillion in 2021, it is also very competitive. Because of our experience in the field we can help your website stand out and your business succeed. We can create a website that satisfies your business and the market’s needs by creating a bespoke eCommerce system or using the world renowned Shopify and Magento eCommerce Platforms.


+ Online sales are the most cost effective way of selling to your target market as eCommerce websites enjoy lower inventory costs and wider reach

+ Your marketplace is massively increased by having your products for sale online, with 80% of all web users having shopped online

+ Makes it easier for your existing customers to purchase from you

+ It’s a great feeling when you’re selling while you are asleep, as online sales happen 24/7 & 365

+ It’s relatively easy and fast to set up and start selling 


We can create eCommerce website solutions for any business with the following functionality and much more:

  • Unlimited Categories

  • Unlimited Products

  • Product Reviews

  • Product Ratings

  • Image Zoom

  • Ebay and Amazon Integration

  • Related Products

  • Discount Codes

  • Search Engine Friendly

  • Printable Invoices

  • Tailored Customer Email Notifications

  • Sales Reports

  • Cart Abandonment System

  • Self-Manage


Mobile optimisation is now a necessity as opposed to an option for eCommerce websites, with Google ranking your site differently according to the device visitors are using.

In 2018 mobile eCommerce revenue is predicted to reach 432 million dollars and it is expected to grow to 40% of all eCommerce revenue over the next year.

We design and develop all our websites in a responsive manner, reducing the bounce rate and increasing the conversion rate as a result. Responsive means the website will adapt to the screen size it is being used on e.g. smart phone. Your customers will be shown the same site as a person opening it on their laptop but the site itself will recognise the device its being shown on and reformat accordingly. No longer will they have to load huge images and have to zoom in and out to find the desired links.

There are many other positive considerations as to why a customer should have a responsive designed website and one of these is:

Mobile accounts for 50.3% of all web traffic generated worldwide.